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Producing art for good is a key element of Hidden Worlds’ Impactainment experiences. Today, we are honored to share some of incredible work our artists have produced and what lies ahead.

Before diving into the art, let’s look at where we exhibited. Why you ask? Because being able to pop-up in the world-renowned Rudolf Budja Gallery truly proves that immersive experiences have a place in the fine art world.

Rudolf Budja Gallery

Founded in 1988, The Rudolf Budja Gallery is a top-secret constellation art gallery featuring exclusive American, European, Asian Contemporary and Modern Art including Andy Warhol, Christopher Wool, Damian Hirst, Lawrence Schiller and Frank Worth, to mention a few.

At Hidden Worlds, we are truly blessed to be among the next generation of artists showcasing their work in this iconic venue.

The Rudolf Budja Gallery

And with that we are proud to highlight three of the artists that have been working tirelessly to produce stunning physical and light-based structures that blend perfectly with our video mapping.

Frank Niebla

With more than 15 years of experience in event production, and consulting for design of products and concepts he has been part of the construction of massive art pieces by the hands of international artist like Michael Benisty, Okuda, Arturo Gonzalez and many more. He has had a leading role in the construction of stages for festivals like Burning Man, Art Basel, Art With Me and other monumental art and entertainment events.

Together with his art collective Art Is The Answer, he has worked with Daniel Hettwer, the founder of Hidden Worlds, to conceptualize the Tree of Life, a massive structure made out of drift and fossilized wood that is the origin of life in our experience.

The Tree of Life

Stéphanie Kilgast

Inspired by natural forms, Stéphanie Kilgast’s artwork is an ode to nature and its current biodiversity. Plants, mushrooms, insects and other animals encounter in a vibrant swirl of colors under her brush or sculpting tools. Her work has a cheerful post apocalyptic feel to it, a reassuring reminder that nature has the capacity to grow back, if we only let it.

It is this focus on regeneration and hope that resonated so well with us. Together we conceptualized a life-sized coral sculpture – a first for the artist who is known for her “Discarded Objects” series where she grows small organic sculptures on manufactured objects.

The result of our collaboration is a gorgeous wall mural that perfectly reflects the beauty of our ocean.

Stephanie Kilgast Coral Wall Sculpture

Sebastien Pedneault

Sebastien is an artist that likes to stay under the radar. That said, with his creations being displayed by global fashion brands, entertainment conglomerates and musicals we are confident that many of you have had the pleasure to experience one of Sebastien’s creations before. His signature are large scale light installations featuring complex content programming leaving audiences speechless.

For Hidden Worlds Sebastien gave the Tree of Life a heartbeat, turning a sculpture into a living being that communicates with the audience in a subtle, organic manner as the show progressed.

Sebastien Giving Life to the Tree

What’s Next

With the initial pop-up concluded we are looking back at a truly successful activation. This would have been impossible without our roster of amazing artists.

Gearing up for phase two, we are trying out a few new approaches. While still working with a cast of talented artists from our network, we are looking to increase our support for the community. As a result, we will launch Hidden Worlds’ first artist grant. On top of that we are actively producing and curating installation art focused on meditative practices, breathing and AI, all connected to our precious ocean.

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