Join us for cocktails and live music under the sea. In Miami for only 3 weeks.

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Join us for cocktails and live music under the sea. In Miami for only 3 weeks.

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Immerse Yourself In Miami’s Only Marine Lounge

Are you ready to go out, have fun, and do good at the same time? Join our immersive dinner series and stay on for ocean positive cocktails under the sea while listening to the city’s top DJs.

Join An Underwater Cocktail Masterclass

Do you like cocktails? Do you like the ocean? If the answer to both is yes, then we have something special for you. Join our immersive underwater experience and learn how to make Hidden World’s signature ocean positive cocktails. A masterclass unlike any other.

Combining Fine Dining & Miami’s Hottest DJ

On Saturday, February 25, we invite you to a one-of-a-kind night of fine dining and partying. First, enjoy an unforgettable 10-course culinary odyssey. Afterwards, join us for a surprise performance from one of Miami’s hottest DJs. Can’t commit to both the dinner experience and the afterparty? No problem, afterparty tickets can be purchased separately.
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The Islands of the


Proudly working toward ocean conservation for 60+ years.


Who said that you can't enjoy yourself while helping our planet?

Hidden Worlds’ mission is to create world positive impact through entertainment. Starting with the ocean, we develop attractions that help people experience natural wonders.

  • All menu items are ocean positive; you help the ocean by drinking.
  • Single-use plastics are strictly forbidden.
  • All artworks use recycled and natural materials where possible.
  • A percentage of ticket sales is donated to our conservation partners.

We are the only immersive entertainment project accredited as a United Nations Ocean Decade Activity.


The Lounge Experiences

Our immersive lounge takes you onto a journey through various oceanic environments accompanied by delicious drinks and the city’s best music talent. A one-of-a-kind experience supported by projection mapping, immersive sound, and light as well as physical art. All food and beverage offerings are strictly Ocean Positive to support Hidden World’s impact mission.
Our evening dinner shows, and cocktail activations are strictly 21 and over.
Too often we focus on sustainability with the intent to do less harm. Ocean Positive on the other hand aims to highlight regenerative food consumption, utilizing the way we eat to do good and not just “less bad”.
While plant-based diets are beneficial to the planet, Ocean Positive includes animal-based proteins. We work with invasive and overpopulated species destroying our marine ecosystems. A heavy focus on bivalves supports water quality. Lastly, we use ingredients that support the livelihoods of ocean conservationists and scientists.
You are not required to wear any hardware to enjoy Hidden Worlds. Just come and enjoy the show.

Hidden Worlds has something for everyone from family-friendly daytime shows, adult-only premium dinner experiences, and unique cocktail activations. Please check the daytime and dinner experience pages if you are interested in our other offers.


Ticket prices differ depending on the experiences. Cocktail classes start at US$50 including two cocktails. Lounge tickets start at US$30 including one cocktail. All prices are per person. Please check the individual ticketing sites for the latest pricing.
Please check for details on our ticketing page once sales are open as terms differ by location.
Late arrivals will be accommodated based on capacity. In the event a guest arrives late for the purchased ticket time, Hidden Worlds will make all possible accommodations to offer the guest the next available showing on a first come first serve basis. If unable to reschedule, all unused tickets lose validity upon the closing of Hidden Worlds on the date for which the ticket was purchased, unless otherwise stated or agreed to by our management.

Every individual entering our dinner or cocktail experiences is required to have a ticket.

Vacation Raffle

You get the chance to win an unforgettable trip to the Bahamas for two where you will spend one week in a luxury hotel. Return economy tickets from Miami will be provided to the winners. Blackout dates apply. We are working hard to add additional prizes.

Only guests that have purchased a ticket, and attended the experience, are eligible for the vacation raffle.
Your raffle entries equal the number of tickets purchased, provided that the experience was attended.
Join our VIP list and get double entries for the vacation raffle if you purchase a ticket and attend the experience.


Yes, all height transitions and hallway measurements meet ADA requirements. There is also limited seating inside the attraction during the Daytime Experience. Full seating is available during the Dinner Experience.
There may be some flashing and moving lights during the experience.
Animals are not permitted to our dinner and cocktail experiences.
The Miami pop-up is conveniently located close to Wynwood and Edgewater at Ampersand Studios 31 NE 17th St, Miami, FL 33132.

Conservation And Impact

We live by the principles of hope, positivity, and inclusion. We seek to invoke feelings, not force facts on our guests. We never dictate actions, and we invite everyone, independent of attitude to nature conservation, to enjoy our experiences. Our job is to inspire and provide a range of select options one can take to support the betterment of our environment.
Over 30% of human made greenhouse gases originate from the world’s agri-food systems. Humans and livestock account for 96% of all mammals, and since the dawn of civilization, we have lost 83% of wild animals. We believe that a focus on how we consume food has a significant impact on our environment. An awareness for Ocean Positive food consumption, in addition to the avoidance of single use plastic and the creation of protected land and ocean territories, is a low hanging fruit to generate positive impact.
Absolutely, for every ticket bought we donate to both our local and global conservation partners.

About The Company

Generating positive impact needs to be fun and inclusive and should not come from a point of shame or pressure. Unlike edutainment, Impactainment™ focuses on emotions over facts as feelings are the main drivers of action. We build the most unique experiences that invoke empathy via emotionally compelling narratives.

Hidden Worlds Entertainment comprises industry leaders such as Robert L. Ward of Universal Theme Parks. Only at Hidden Worlds do famed explorers Philippe and Ashlan Cousteau trade ideas with world-renowned neuro-economist Dr. Paul Zak and illusionist Blake Vogt, the magician behind many of David Copperfield’s creations. This diverse team enables us to incorporate neuroscience, interactive fine-dining, and optimized content for empathetic engagement. Hidden Worlds combines entertainment with impact and is an official United Nations Decade Activity. We support partners with both local and global impact organizations and charities such as Beneath The Waves.

Become Part of the Movement

By combining art, entertainment, and conservation, we generate awareness for ocean conservation in the most fun and unique way possible. Thousands of guests have participated in this journey. Are you ready to join the community?