What is Hidden Worlds all about?

Hidden Worlds is building immersive attractions focused on ImpactainmentTM. We combine projection mapping, 360-degree sound, and physical art pieces with magic to create one-of-a-kind experiences that bring audiences closer to nature.

What is ImpactainmentTM?

Generating positive impact needs to be fun and inclusive and should not come from a point of shame or pressure.

Unlike edutainment, ImpactainmentTM focuses on emotions over facts as feelings are the main drivers of action. We build the most unique experiences that invoke empathy via emotionally compelling narratives.

Who is your customer?

We have something for everyone from family-friendly daytime shows, adult-only premium dinner experiences, and unique cocktail activations.

Can you tell me more about the dinner show?

Our immersive dinner show takes you onto a culinary journey through various oceanic environments. A luxurious multi-course Prix Fixe menu is supported by projection mapping, immersive sound, actors and magic. All food and beverage is strictly Ocean Positive to support Hidden World’s impact mission. In order to maintain an intimate experience, our capacity is limited at 32 seats each evening.

Why is there so much focus on food and beverages?

Over 30% of human made green house gases originate from the world’s agri-food systems. Humans and livestock account for 96% of all mammals, and since the dawn of civilization, we have lost 83% of wild animals. We believe that a focus on how we consume food has a significant impact on our environment. An awareness for Ocean Positive food consumption, in addition to the avoidance of single use plastic and the creation of protected land and ocean territories, is a low hanging fruit to generate positive impact.

What do you mean with Ocean Positive?

Too often we focus on sustainability with the intent to do less harm. Ocean Positive on the other hand aims to highlight regenerative food consumption, utilizing the way we eat to do good and not just “less bad”.

Is Ocean Positive vegan?

While plant-based diets are beneficial to the planet, Ocean Positive includes animal-based proteins. We work with invasive species (such as lionfish) and with species overrunning oceanic ecosystems (such as purple sea urchin). Additionally, we use ingredients that support the livelihoods of marine environment protectors such as mangrove honey. Furthermore, our menu focuses heavily on oysters that support our oceans via water filtration. Of course, we also carry a vegan option for guests that follow a plant-based diet.

What is your approach to nature conservation?

We live by the principles of hope, positivity, and inclusion. We seek to invoke feelings, not force facts on our guests. We never dictate actions, and we invite everyone, independent of attitude to nature conservation, to enjoy our experiences. Our job is to inspire and provide a range of select options one can take to support the betterment of our environment.

Why are you not more aggressive?

The essence of ImpactainmentTM is inclusivity. In a world divided, we must learn to understand each other to unite in our fight against challenges that affect us all. Climate change, ocean pollution and biodiversity loss affect everyone independent of age, gender, race or political preference. Blame creates division, but unity is what we need to ensure the future of humanity.

Is my purchase funding ocean conservation?

Absolutely, for every ticket bought we donate to both our local and global conservation partners. During check out you receive the option to match our donation for the chance to win amazing prices. Absolutely, for every ticket bought we donate to both our local and global conservation partners. During check out you receive the option to match our donation for the chance to win amazing prices. For our pop-up in Miami we go even further: Any profits left at the end of the run will be donated to our conservation partners as well. Our intent is to raise awareness and funding for ocean conservation and to gather customer feedback so we can improve our experience.

Do I need to wear a VR headset or other hardware?

You are not required to wear any hardware to enjoy Hidden Worlds. Just come and enjoy the show.

Everyone talks about pixels; is there any special technology you deploy?

We are aware of the “trillion content pixel” statements of other immersive experiences. While impressive on first sight, we chose quality over quantity. Our content runs at twice the number of pixels per square inch than leading immersive art shows on the market. While we can never replicate the true beauty of nature, we intend to provide a reflection that is as crisp as possible. Our content teams utilize virtual reality to build environments that go far beyond the walls of our experience, enabling a depth perception far superior to other, 2D focused, experiences. Most items in our show are based on underwater photogrammetry, meaning we made an effort to create 360-degree photographs of real-world assets while diving to build 3D models for our experience. Lastly, we work with world-leading neuroscientists to optimize our content for empathy to create emotionally connecting experiences that support our mission to create impact via entertainment.

How do you optimize for empathy?

Leveraging heart rate monitors, we can measure immersion during the content development phase. This enables us to study the experience for its ability to generate an emotional connection to nature. The technology is only deployed during trials with consenting volunteers and never utilized with our paying guests.

Who is involved in the project?

Hidden Worlds Entertainment comprises industry leaders such as Robert L. Ward of Universal Theme Parks. Only at Hidden Worlds do famed explorers Philippe and Ashlan Cousteau trade ideas with world-renowned neuro-economist Dr. Paul Zak and illusionist Blake Vogt, the magician behind many of David Copperfield’s creations. This diverse team enables us to incorporate neuroscience, interactive fine-dining, and optimized content for empathetic engagement. Hidden Worlds will surpass anything the immersive entertainment field has seen and is an official United Nations Decade Activity. We support partners with both local and global impact organizations such as Beneath the Waves, Oceanic Global, PangeaSeed, Clean Miami Beach and Debris Free Oceans.